1. Nowhere

From the recordings Something Real and Entire Digital Catalogue

Songwriter: Roxie Randle
Publisher: Wabash Bird Publishing (ASCAP)


You walk in the room
Looking like you do
And my temperature starts to rise
But when I try to speak
My knees get weak
And I can’t look you in the eyes
So I know where
This is going from here

We’ve been here before
And I can’t ignore
I want you so bad it hurts
Gotta find a way
Find the courage to say
I wanna be your girl
Or else I know where
This is going from here

I don’t know why I keep it inside
I gotta tell you tonight that you make me high

Who would’ve known
Ten years down the road
You’d be holding me so tight
I’m so glad I confessed
Cause honey, we’ve been blessed
With a love that’s so right
Yeah, you know where I’m going from here

I ain’t going nowhere, baby
It feels so right