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Merch Sale at the Roxie Randle Store

Yes, yes... I know you're getting bombarded with emails from various online stores and retail outlets advertising their seasonal sales and limited-time deals.  It's overwhelming.  I don't really want to be a part of it.  However, it would be neglectful…

"Stripped & Covered" now available for pre-order

I'm putting together a timeline for releasing the new CD... stay tuned for details!  For now, it's available for pre-order on the STORE page.  Shipping is FREE and delivery is expected by the end of October.  If I can stop…

"Stripped & Covered" Artwork and Track List Revealed

Things are moving right along with the new album!  Recording is complete.  Mixing and mastering are DONE.  Artwork design for the CD is in progress.  Want a sneak peak?  Here's the cover:

Tell me what you think!  The photo is…

December BOGO Deal

Well, the Holidays are upon us again and you're looking for awesome gifts for your loved ones... why not give them a t-shirt from one of their favorite artists or introduce them to some new music? For

T-Shirts Now Available

They've been a long time coming, but "Roxie Randle" t-shirts are FINALLY here!  
The lime-green shirts feature my name and a recent picture by Jeffrey Haas (Haas Designs Photography - Knoxville, TN) on the front and my website on the…

Free Download Card with CD Purchase

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone's Holidays were filled with joy, relaxing downtime, and delicious treats!  

If you got any iTunes gift cards in your stockings, don't forget that I have lots of music on iTunes!  ;)  And speaking of…