New Mini-Video Series

So... I have trouble completing goals.  I make them too big and then procrastinate due to the daunting nature of the task I put on myself.  One of those tasks has been posting videos more often.  I'm such a perfectionist that I frequently abandon the ambition after several "flawed" takes that are (in my opinion) unacceptable for posting.  So in an effort to start small (and practice humility), I'm doing a weekly series where I post a 15-second video of a cover song.  These mini-videos happen most often right after having crawled out of bed, still in my pajamas, no makeup, and no warmup.  I don't overthink my song choice.  I just go with the first song that I feel moved to play that day.  And I'm not overly concerned with giving a perfect performance, only an honest one.  So, if you're interested in this series, be sure to follow me on Instagram @roxierandle and subscribe to my YouTube channel:  I usually post a new video every Monday or Tuesday... but I'm not being super rigid about that either.  This is an experiment in "flexible accountability"!  LOL!