New Album in the Works

Well, if you've been to one of my shows lately, you know that I keep it pretty simple.  I often perform solo, just me and my guitar.  I don’t travel with multiple instruments.  I don’t own any effects pedals or a harmonizer.  I refuse to learn the "art" of looping.  It’s just me.  Nothing fancy.  And if you've been following me for a while, you also know that I haven't released a new CD in about four years (gulp).  The wait will soon be over, my friends!  A new album is underway!

Over the last few weeks, I've been recording with the awesome Scott Gerow at Battery Lane Music.  We've been having a blast!

I'm keeping this album simple, just like my live show.  Also, to reflect my live show experience, this album will feature mostly cover songs.  I'm throwing a couple of originals on there, too... because I can.  ;)  Lastly, I'm featuring a few of my pals on this album.  I'm so excited to shine a light on my uber-talented friends!  My As Girls Go duo partner Kimber Cleveland, occasional tourmate and StageIt-show-mate Jenn Franklin, co-collaborator Morgan Bracy, and love-of-my-life Sheldon Lee Sweeney will all make appearances.  

An official release date will be announced soon, so I hope you’ll join me on this journey by connecting with me online and/or coming to a live show.  Thank you over and over for your ongoing encouragement and support!  Stay tuned for updates!