Merch Sale at the Roxie Randle Store

Yes, yes... I know you're getting bombarded with emails from various online stores and retail outlets advertising their seasonal sales and limited-time deals.  It's overwhelming.  I don't really want to be a part of it.  However, it would be neglectful of me NOT to touch base with you during this time and say "Thank you!" for your awesomeness!  So, for you--my friends and fans--here goes the big Holiday Sale... 


* 20% OFF the new CD "Stripped & Covered" * 
* 20% OFF all digital downloads * 
* $10 T-shirts * 
* $5 Download cards * 
* $10 OFF the "Roxie" package (CD/t-shirt/download card) * 
* $5 OFF handwritten lyrics * 

Visit the Roxie Randle Store Now 

Order by DECEMBER 15TH for delivery by Christmas. 

So, that's the deal.  CD's and t-shirts make great stocking stuffers... blah, blah, blah.  ;)  Take advantage of sale prices, check some people off your shopping list, give a unique and personal gift, and support independent music all at the same time! 

Thank you once again for being with me on this journey and have a Merry Christmas!