A new chapter...

It is time for a change.  A big one. 

I've lived in Nashville for almost 17 years (16 years, 7 months and 8 days to be exact).  Wow, was Nashville different in 2001.  I was different, too.  I had left home for the first time, broken up with my fiance, and moved to the big city where all my dreams were going to come true... or where I could at least "make a living doing music," I thought.  Because I certainly wasn't going to be a high school teacher or a weather girl (two of my ill-fated college trajectories).  No, I was going to be a singer for a living!  Cut to a decade and a half later, and I find myself... disenchanted.  I had long given up on the idea of becoming the next Shania Twain, and I didn't have the give-a-damn to bend over backwards for publishers, but I DID find a way to "make a living doing music."  I built a business playing acoustic cover shows every weekend.  I was well-traveled, in demand and getting paid well.  And I was exhausted.  I had no time or energy for writing.  I didn't know where I wanted my career to go, and was beginning to resent music in general.  This was NOT the way I wanted to feel about music.  What use to be a cathartic outlet and a source of joy for me was making me feel like a hamster in a run-away wheel.  When you're self-employed, there is no paid time off or company-supplied health insurance... Somebody's gotta keep the machine running.  And in a one-woman show, that somebody was me.  

So after much soul-searching and praying, I decided I needed an environment where I could rest, reconnect with my creative place, and wait for a new path to reveal itself.  And it was obvious that place needed to be a location other than Nashville.  Without going into the whole process of how I chose my destination, I'll just say that I needed a COMPLETELY different setting...  So here I find myself in TAOS, NEW MEXICO.  I have no plans to book any gigs or release new music for at least a year.  I am here for the peace, the healing, and for new experiences, new perspective.  I'll let you know what's next when I know.  But I'm okay with not knowing.  I'm just letting it unfold.