Texas Tour Leg

It's been a while and I was glad to get back out west again... this time, to play a couple of college shows.  I was traveling and performing with my long-time friend, Jenn Franklin (who filled in for Kimber as my "As Girls Go" partner).  We put a lot of miles on the car, saw some beautiful landscapes, ate delicious food and met a lot of great people!  

That blue circle is us... halfway between Nashville and Dallas.

First, we traveled to the University of Texas at Arlington, performing in the student lounge on a rainy afternoon.  The Excel Campus Activities students were super awesome and welcoming!  They even joined us in a chorus of "Don't Stop Believing."  ;)

And at East Texas Baptist University, we got to perform for their first ever "color run" to promote healthy living among students.  That was quite an experience!  The students ran a 2K race while getting pink, yellow, blue and green powder thrown at them at every turn.  Jenn and I provided the welcome music at the finish line.

We had quite a bit of dusting to do to our equipment after this.

I've been to Texas a handful of times, but had yet to try Whataburger or Braum's ice cream, which Jenn says are required stops.  You don't have to twist my arm to get me to try new dining experiences.  ;)  So we partook of artery-clogging fast food, did a little shopping and even saw a movie on our off day!  One of our hotels was right across the street from Six Flags and we were like two kids locked out of the candy store...  it was closed for the season.  :/

Whaw-whaawwwww.... :(