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"Stripped & Covered" Artwork and Track List Revealed

Things are moving right along with the new album!  Recording is complete.  Mixing and mastering are DONE.  Artwork design for the CD is in progress.  Want a sneak peak?  Here's the cover:

Tell me what you think!  The photo is actually a selfie, taken in the hallway of my apartment.  I did my own hair and makeup, the idea for the makeup coming from my sweetheart, Sheldon.  The jewelry (although you can't see all of it) was made by my BFF and As Girls Go partner, Kimber Cleveland.  Check out more of her…Read more
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New Album in the Works

Well, if you've been to one of my shows lately, you know that I keep it pretty simple.  I often perform solo, just me and my guitar.  I don’t travel with multiple instruments.  I don’t own any effects pedals or a harmonizer.  I refuse to learn the "art" of looping.  It’s just me.  Nothing fancy.  And if you've been following me for a while, you also know that I haven't released a new CD in about four years (gulp).  The wait will soon be over, my friends!  A new album is underway!

Over the last few weeks,…

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Shows, shows, and more shows...

Well, it sure has been a busy couple of months...  I've been to Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, California and back and forth a couple times.  Wanted to share some pictures from the adventures!

Bike Week is always a blast and this year was no different!  (Except I was traveling solo instead of with my As Girls Go partner, Kimber Cleveland. 😢 )  Nine shows in 10 days, motorcycles as far as the eye could see, and a blissful overdose of seafood.  I had a great time playing at my favorite places, some…

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Bike week 2016 schedule

Playing Bike Week in Daytona Beach

It's time for Daytona Beach's annual Bike Week, which means I'm breaking free from this yo-yo "winter" weather in Tennessee for 10 days!  Hooray!  I'll be flying solo this year, without my As Girls Go duo partner, Kimber Cleveland.  :'(  But I'll have all of YOU there, so I won't be lonely.  ;)  Bike Week runs from Friday, March 4 through Sunday, March 13, and I'll be performing at various venues in the Daytona Beach area almost every day.  See below for my schedule, and if you're planning to come see a…Read more
No divas xmas

Stageit Concert with Jenn Franklin

Roxie and her "No Divas" Tour partner, Jenn Franklin, will be doing another Stageit concert to celebrate the Holidays on December 20th at 8PM Central Time!  (That's 6PM Pacific, 7PM Mountain and 9PM Eastern.)  If you're not familiar with Stageit, it's an online concert platform where you can watch live streaming performances of your favorite artists... from the comfort and convenience of your own home (or from Starbucks or from the library or anywhere there's an internet connection... check to make sure…

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